Why does everyone upload and download mostly the highest quality ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion & Entertainment Requests' started by annon011, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. annon011

    annon011 New Member

    As some of you may know I am building a collection of models. I did purchase some premium account for a few of the really hard to find common websites and I am seeing that they all have the option to download medium quality images and 360p videos.

    The difference between medium quality and high quality is hardly noticable unless you zoom in like 8 times AND WHY would you zoom in so much when even if you like close ups most photo sets provide special photos deidcated to the pussy ass etc ?

    And what's worse is that the medium quality sets are around 50mb and the highest quality ones are 300+, most common around 400 and 500.

    Do you realize that you can have about 10 times as many sets if you just have the medium quality lol.

    As for videos , 1080p is bad. Idk what it is but when it comes to porn videos , I HATE high quality ones. I am kind of old school in this department and I love my 240 and 360p videos unless viewing in VR obviously.

    The best thing about 360p is that you can easiely fast forward through the video and do all kinds of stuff with it without any lag or delay what so ever. Even my 2000 something $ PC can't handle fast forwarding and these types of manuvers with 1080p videos smoothly.

    Honestly, all the uploaders, just upload the medium quality. The highest quality of anything is completely pointless. There is no point having 10 x the space just to be able to zoom in 1 or 2 extra times without blur.
  2. JessicaGranstrom

    JessicaGranstrom New Member

    I take the best quality, always.

    Hegre-Art has some nice sets with a huge number of pixels. I have shortcuts so I can easily zoom and move the focus around with one hand. Can be quite nice.

    Resolution does not trump all indeed. Some photographers use high resolution cameras but make grainy images. These are the worst, not even in lower resolution they are okay.

    Fast forwarding 1080p is possible. Back when I used MPC-HC, it wasn't as fast as I wanted it to be and would make me mad, but there are better players out there that do it fine.

    All up-loaders should upload the best quality and let users re-encode.
  3. annon011

    annon011 New Member

    I think Hegre is the worst in terms of their high quality sets. Their HQ sets are so compressed it is super laggy. A 9mb collectors set from there is equal to a 70mb medium quality set from any other site. I am pretty sure if they didn't compress their photos so much it would be 30mb each of the highest quality ones lol
  4. annon011

    annon011 New Member

    Also, think about this. My collection was 300 models totaling 2.1 TB. Over the past few months I slowly re-downloaded the sets of all models I had using the premiums I bought, and the sites I don't have premiums for I resized the pics so that they match the medium quality ones that I download from the premium sites. Not only that, for quite a few models I found even more sets, many of them now have at least 10 more sets and some even twice as many. And guess what now, the collection is 700Gb .

    This difference is HUGE . The don't even zoom in on photos a lot as for me I have to be able to see as much of the girl's body as possible. I actually hate closeups, so it makes 0 difference whether I have a 10000 pixel height or 1200

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